JCI Finland’s International Business Skills Academy 2018

Tänä vuonna Suomen Nuorkauppakamari tarjoaa jäsenilleen uuden alustan kansainvälisten työelämätaitojen kehittämiselle ja monikultuurisen työyhteistöymmärryksen laajentamiselle.

International Business Academy (Kansainvälisyysakatemia) koostuu eri moduleista, jotka yhteensä muodostavat 22 tunnin englanninkielisen koulutus-, yritysvierailu- ja workshop-kokonaisuuden. Osa moduuleista ovat avoimia kaikille halukkaille, osassa osallistujamäärä on rajoitettu ja akatemiaan hakeneet ja hyväksytyt ovat etusijalla.

Jos sinulla on kysymyksiä, akatemian vetäjä Agneta Wackström vastaa niihin mielellään.

Haku International Business Skills Academyyn on nyt auki. Ohjelma alla.

Täytä hakemus viimeistään 28. helmikuuta!



JCI Finland’s mission is to boost its members’ success in working life. We want to help our members get ahead in working life by providing training in International Business skills. These kinds of skills are becoming increasingly important and in 2018 we are launching a new platform for developing international working life skills. The International Business Skills Academy will consist of training, company visits and sharing of business experiences in various modules.

In total, the modules will consist of 22 hours of training. You can choose to attend all modules or just one. The choice is yours! Please note that you need to attend all modules in order to complete the Academy.

Please fill out this application form before the 28 of February, if you want to participate in the Academy. Some modules are open for all members and, due to limited capacity, some are only available for members who have applied and been accepted to the Academy.

Below is a draft of the schedule. Some minor changes can be made if needed.

20.4 15:00-17:30 Company visit to Paf at the Åland office and real case examples on how to lead a multicultural team.
21.4 10:30-12:00 How to do Business in Poland, Marcin Badura, 2018 EDC Councilor, 2017 NP Poland, Alandica, Mariehamn

3.5 15:00-18:00 Company visit to Sandvik Mining and Constraution Oy, after the visit Henna Kaariluoto Senator #74545 will share her experience on doing business in Africa.

Before the Region B Picnic in Kouvola we will have a session about the possibilities that the railway in Kouvola can provide.

Company visit and etiquette training with dinner (dinner at the participants’ own cost), Porvoo

12.10 13:00-16:00 Intelectual Culture Workshop, “Boo” S. Narashima Boopathi, Helsinki
12.10 16:30-18:00 How to do Business in India. Be prepared for the World Conference 2018 in India Goa. Helsinki

Looking forward to your participation!

Agneta Wackström
International Business Skills Academy Director 2018

Michaela Palmberg
JCI Finland Executive Vice President 2018