JCI Vaasa goes Waasan Talous & Sijoitus -messut

JCI Vaasa members visited Waasan Talous & Sijoitus -exhibition in the Vaasa city hall on Wednesday evening. Vesa Vihriälä from ETLA started the exhibition and evening by sharing his view where the economy in Finland is going.

From JCI point of view I truly enjoyed to thoughts about sote-uudistus and the way forward. Change is coming and it’s not going to be right from all aspects in the beginning. Why not to give it a try – and perhaps even try slightly different models in different areas? That way the best solution can be found more easily. #Kokeilukulttuuri

The view is economy is positive, but we’re not quite there yet. Innovations, learning and finding ways how to survive in the international environment and being agile are needed to get us forward.

More info about the exhibition: http://www.vaasansijoitusmessut.fi/